It's a runner thing.

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"Odds are I’ll never wear an Olympic medal around my neck, but maybe… just maybe, I will. With that in mind I’ll take off down the road and put in the days work. If we don’t try we’ll never know. At least I can find out how good I can be. I can have an answer at the end of the days, and have a hell of a good time with the process."

From Desiree Davila’s March 2006 training journal, back when her 5k PR was 16:17, and a 5:30 pace track workout felt uncomfortable (for comparison, her 2011 Boston marathon pace was 5:27/mile). (via trinalesins)

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"When I’m out on that track, stadium lights shining on me, the crowd’s shouting drifting into oblivion, my heart beating like a drum, I feel powerful. When rain pours onto my exhausted body during a workout with 9 400s left, I feel strong. When the sun beats down on my body during the hardest run of my life, I feel humbled. Running is the only thing that has made me feel powerful, strong, and yet humbled all at the same time. And maybe that’s why I love it so much."
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Anonymous asked:

What are your PR's?? You're so fab👌

It's a runner thing. answered:

thanks! they’re nothing super impressive but i’m proud of them because i had to work hard to run these times!

5 miles - 37:00

5000 - 22:30

3200 - 12:44

1600 - 6:00

800 - 2:44

These were all around two years ago! I was injured and still am not back to where I was before :( someday…

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Anonymous asked:

Hey I'm along distance track/ cross country runner and I recently tore my MCL band so I'm out for about two months -_- is there any exercises, like different ab, upper body, etc... That you have noticed that are more effective than others? I want to build up my upper body (something we distance people don't usually work out) so when I get back into the routine have more muscle up there to help me out? I still workout at the track with them so I don't really have access to weights there. Thanks!

It's a runner thing. answered:

Sorry to hear about your injury! I hope it heals quickly. To answer your question, here are my favorites:

For abs:

Double leg lifts, planks, flutters, double crunches

For obliques:

Side planks, russian twists, candlestick dippers

For back:

Supermans! Actually the Blogilates “Back Attack” video on Youtube


Pushups, cobra pushups, tricep dips

Also, if you want to do weights, you could ask your coach if you can go into the weights room (if your school has one) while everyone else is running or you could ask if you can skip practice while you’re injured to do weights and focus on getting stronger.

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous asked:

Do you run track?

It's a runner thing. answered:

Yes! I’ve been running track for six years now! I started with the 400 and the 800 and then I switched to the 800 and the 1600. For a year I just did the 3200 but now I’m back to the 1600 and the 800.

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Anonymous asked:

I have a foot injury and it hurts to wear shoes, so basically no running for me. I'm worried that I'm going to lose my endurance while waiting for my recovery. How much does performance decrease after a break on average?

It's a runner thing. answered:

It depends on the length of the break. If I take two weeks off, after I’ve been back for a run or two I feel fine, even better than I did before because I got good rest during those two weeks and felt fresh coming back. After a month or more off, I definitely lose endurance. I had to take five or six months off last year for an injury and I definitely lost endurance, plus I gained weight so I still am not where I was before the injury, a year after returning to running.

However, I know some people who feel like they’ve lost endurance after only a week or two off but I think part of that is probably mental, like they think they’ll lose endurance from taking that time off so then while running they want to stop.

I’m sorry about your injury and I hope it heals quickly!

Hope this helps!

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Anonymous asked:

Fellow Texan! :D I run, I'm 15 yrs old, 5'8, 135 or 140 lbs. Natural runner's body, but I eat like a boy. I run to gain muscle, not to lose weight, & also exercise on a daily bases. Wondering if I should change my eating habits? Like I said, I don't run to lose weight, so I didn't think I needed to be on a special runner's diet. Will it effect my preformance if I run 3 miles then eat a whole pizza? Also starting vball this year. Never played before. Don't know if junk food is acceptable.

It's a runner thing. answered:

I don’t know enough about your eating habits to know if you should change them, but if you’re eating enough vitamins and minerals (calcium, etc.) and whole foods and are not gaining or losing weight and you feel fine your eating habits are probably perfect for you. 

About running three miles then eating a whole pizza, it depends on your metabolism and also make sure you eat fruits and vegetables. 

Junk food is acceptable in moderation but not too much.

Hope this helped! 

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